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The team at Nine Keys Apothecary is experienced, skilled, but most of all, friendly. This amazing group of people is such a huge part of what makes your salon experience as enjoyable and satisfying as can be.


Taylor Hunnicutt

Owner of Nine Keys, Stylist & Oracle Reader
Follow them on IG: @redfloralfox

My name is Taylor and I am the owner of Nine Keys. I have been doing hair for 9 years and love to do everything behind the chair. My clients are my favorite thing about my job, and I’m so thankful to get to know them and live life with them!

I was inspired to start a metaphysical shop after going into a few spaces in Washington state and seeing that you can experience magick in a very grounded and approachable way. Before that time, I had been reading oracle cards for friends and family, but being empowered by the spiritual community made me want to be a larger part of it.

With my Aquarian mind, I couldn’t choose between the two, so I obviously had to combine them and create something unique for myself and others. Afterall, hair and card reading are both so personal, as well as an exchange of energy that feels very similar. I cannot wait for you all to see the space I’ve created with the help of my intuitive community. The spiritual glow-up is an amazing journey.

My Books Are Recently Reopened and  I am Still Offering Readings to new and Current Clientele. 

"Walter" Walters

Salon Coordinator & Stylist
Follow her on IG: @thegirlnamedwalter

Walter has been behind the chair for 5 years now and loves every day of it. Her specialty is bright and unusual hair colors, but can handle any project thrown at her. With a passion for product, she can recommend something to fix almost any hair problem. You can usually find her spending $10 on a latte or at a crust punk house show.


Sarah Waugh

Stylist & Makeup Artist
Follow her on IG: @sarahjeanetteartistry

Sarah’s passion for hair and makeup stems from the fact that it is an amazing tool of self expression. What makes work meaningful for her is the ability to help others to show on the outside who they are within. Sarah is a well trained stylist of 10 years that can create beautiful hair, but believes the experience should be more than that. Although her clients give their trust to use that realm of expression to make them shine their brightest, her mission includes them knowing she cares about the person under the hair just as much. When not in the salon, Sarah loves to travel and spend time exploring nature. Ask her about food, film or music and be prepared for great conversation.

Jupiter Rei

Stylist & Hair Wizard
Follow them on IG: @hair_magickk_

Rei has been behind the chair for 9 years and is your hair wizard! Their favorite services are wild fantasy colors and alternative, rebellious haircuts. Rei believes that once you’re in their chair the experience is more than just hair, it’s about seeing the person becoming and loving who they see in the mirror. Talk them up about opossums, dead things, music and movies, and show your inner ghoul with them!


Torrie Hart

Stylist & Cutting Specialist
Follow her on IG: @Torrie.Hart.Hair

Torrie is a cutting specialist whose focus is on curls and razor work. She loves creating whimsical haircuts custom fit to each unique head of hair; she is always down for big transformation!  Torrie has a passion for haircare and loves to help clients understand their hair better and rethink their routine.  When she’s not behind the chair you can find her at music shows, crystal shopping, or having snuggle time with her cats.

Ciara Jean

Stylist & Vivids Specialist

Follow her on IG: @ciarashairmagic

Ciara has spent most of her 14 years making magic behind the chair in Minnesota and some recent years (2017-2020) in Florida. Now back in the Twin Cities indefinitely, she loves creating unique shapes and colors for each guest, making them feel like unique works of art. 

Her favorite styles include vivid colors, redheads, traditional balayage as well as trendy or alternative haircuts and styling. Recently, she has dove into teaching color and platform artist work. 

Outside the salon, you'll find them enjoying the summer outdoors(most likely valleyfair), crafting, or watching scary movies with her husband. Some fun facts about her: she's worked in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, has 15 tattoos, and shares her home with 2 cats.


Maddy Cook

Stylist, Makeup Artist, & Glitter Extrordinare

Follow her on IG: @glitterbymaddy

Maddy's our newest stylist at Nine Keys and recently graduated from our apprenticeship program. Though she's been working behind the chair for a little under three years, her talent and passion quickly exceeds her seniority, and she can deliver lovely vivids and textured haircuts at an excellent price-point. Her favorite things to do are "party colors" in vivacious shades, cool and unique haircuts, sparkly makeup, and everything in-between! When she's not cutting hair, she's playing Stardew Valley, hanging out with her cat Rudy, trying new makeup looks, and leaving glitter wherever she goes! 

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